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eCig Glossary

Vaping – To vaporize a substance through heating, no smoke or combustion  is involved.

Light – Low nicotine cigarette with light sensation and taste.

Medium – Medium nicotine cigarette with a mild sensation and a mild taste.

Heavy – High nicotine cigarette with a strong sensation and a strong taste.

0mg nicotine – Contains no nicotine, only VG or PG and flavoring.

11mg nicotine – Contains a medium strength of nicotine and VG or PG and flavoring.

24mg nicotine – Contains a high strength of nicotine and VG or PG and flavoring.

36mg nicotine – Contains extra strength of nicotine and VG or PG and flavoring.

eLiquid – Nicotine infused vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol with added food flavoring. This is used in electronic cigarettes.

Throat Hit – The feeling when you inhale and it gives a scratch on the back of your throat.

Medium Throat Hit –   A medium sensation on the back of the throat, not overwhelming or too strong. Example: PV or Cartomizer.

Strong Throat Hit – A strong sensation on the back of the throat. Example: 306 Atomizer LR.

MOD Modified device, or modified electronic cigarette. Multiple settings of voltage, checking battery life or resistance of your heating element. Changing voltage will increase the heat of the vapor being produced.

eLiquid Flavor We have over 200 different eLiquid flavors. Available in regular tobacco, menthol, fruits, sweets and drinks.

Atomizer The heating element which vaporizes the liquid.

Cartomizer Cartridge which contains a coil heating element, poly fill and holds eLiquid.

Drip Tip A mouth piece that allows you to drip into an atomizer or cartomizer.

Dripping To drop eLiquid directly onto a heating element. Produces a lot of flavor every time.

High Resistance 2.9 – 3.5 resistance.

Standard Resistance - 2.2ohm – 2.8ohm resistance (Use on Variable).

Low Resistance -  1.4ohm – 2.1ohm resistance.

Variable or High Voltage A modified electronic cigarette. Voltage is able to be changed in order to increase the heat produced.

mAh – Milliamp Hours. How long a battery will last.

Dry Hit When using a heating element and you get a burnt, dry flavor with vapor still being produced.

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