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PG vs VG E-Liquid

What is PG?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol. PG is used in many household items and is also the carrier for food items with artificial flavoring

What would cause someone to want an E-Liquid containing a large percentage of PG?

E-Liquids with high amounts of PG tend to give a stronger throat sensation or "Throat Hit" but less vapor production than liquids that are mainly Vegetable Glycerin based. You will also notice that the more PG in the mixture the thinner the E-Liquid will be. Thinner E-Liquids are known to work better in tank systems and cartomizers, though all of our liquids work great in the atomizers we sell. Even our Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-Liquids have trace amounts of PG because our pure flavorings are carried in a base of propylene glycol. 

What is VG?

VG Stands for Vegetable Glycerin. VG is used as the base for many cosmetic products and skin care products. 

Why would someone want to use a VG based E-liquid?

VG based E-Liquids provide a very smooth throat hit and produce very thick clouds of Vapor. VG based E-Liquids are also much thicker than mixtures with large amounts of PG and work great with both dripping atomizers and tank systems. 

What is the difference between the VG based E-Liquids and PG/VG based E-Liquids offered on your site?

Our VG based E-Liquids are made from a base of Vegetable Glycerin with the exception of the small amounts of PG from the added flavoring. VG e-liquid is suggested when the user is looking for a smooth rich throat sensation and large amounts of vapor. The  PG/VG based E-Liquids we offer are a blend of 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin. These liquids are thinner, provide more of a harsh throat hit, and the vapor is not as thick. 

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