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Is there a warranty on my products?

Vapure USA, Inc offers warranties on specific kits, batteries and chargers. These warranties range between 30 days and 6 months. To view the exact warranty time frame on your product, please view the product information listed under the specific product you purchased.

I damaged my item trying to modify it or fix a manufacturer defect, is it still covered?
Manufacturer defects are the only things covered under the warranty. If you take apart, modify, or force open any products the warranty is then voided. The best way to ensure your product remains under warranty is to NOT make any modifications to your device, keep your items clean and dry especially when charging, and to contact us immediately when any issue occurs. 

Are my atomizers under warranty?
No warranties are offered on any Atomizers or Cartomizers of any kind. If your product is DOA and reported within 72 hours of delivery they can be replaced. Please view DOA description below. 

What is the "DOA" replacement policy?
From the time of delivery there is a 72 hour window in which you may contact Vapure USA, Inc with any issues regarding products that are Dead On Arrival. DOA means you have not yet got to use the item, and from inital setup it was not working whatsoever. We will ask questions of how you set it up for the first time, and if the setup was incorrect or if the damage was made by you, this is not considered DOA.  If your product is determined as DOA, you may return the product for a replacement of the exact product your ordered. If for any reason this product is not available, you will be given a credit towards another item of equal or lesser value or if you prefer to wait until that specific item is in stock, you may wait for your replacement. If it has exceeded the 72 hours from delivery, you may refer to your item's warranty to see if your issue is covered.

Who do I contact to report a warranty issue that is covered under these policies?
If you have determined your product is covered under the DOA replacement policy or still under warranty, please contact us with details including:
- Date of Purchase and Delivery
- Items in question
- How the damage/error occurred
- Best way to contact you (if not via email)
- First/Last name and Email on your account
- Specify if this was an in store or online purchase 
Send this information to support@vapure.com
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